Redefining possibilities and empowering brands.

APMC's mission is to make streaming easy, accessible, and monetizable for brands and creators. Our dedicated and talented team is the driving force behind our success.

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The APMC Story

Who we are.

APMC was founded in 2012 with a vision to develop and grow technical solutions that better matched what audiences expected in their streaming journey.

Kidoodle.TV, the Safe Streaming™ service for kids and families launched in 2014 which was the catalyst for APMC's expansion in technical offerings.

A decade later APMC now offers streaming and monetization solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world.

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Our Leadership.

The minds that drive APMC's innovation and success with their vision and expertise.

Neil Gruninger, President & CEO

Neil Gruninger

President & CEO

Daniel Riddell, Chief Technology Officer

Daniel Riddell

Chief Technology Officer

Brenda Bisner, Chief Content Officer (Kids and Family)

Brenda Bisner

Chief Content Officer
(Kids & Family)

Narendra Nag, Chief Strategy Officer

Narendra Nag

Chief Strategy Officer

Derek Sentner, Chief Sales Officer (Kids & Family)

Derek Sentner

Chief Sales Officer
(Kids & Family)

Thirthraj Singh, Chief Operations Officer (Technology)

Thirthraj Singh

Chief Operations Officer

Jason Walsh, Chief Operations Officer (Sports)

Jason Walsh

Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Mason, Chief Brand Officer

Jeremy Mason

Chief Brand Officer

Dave Emes, SVP, Finance

Dave Emes

SVP, Finance

James Purdy, SVP, Research & Development

James Purdy

SVP, Research & Development

Grace Shin, VP, Ad Ops & Yield Management

Grace Shin

VP, Ad Ops & Yield Management

Gabe Thomas, VP, Safe Exchange

Gabe Thomas

VP, Safe Exchange

Javier Lopez, VP, Backend & Special Ops Engineering

Javier Lopez

VP, Backend & Special Ops Engineering

Alex Andrews, VP, People

Alex Andrews

VP, People

Lindsay Dobson, VP, Marketing & Social Impact

Lindsay Dobson

VP, Marketing & Social Impact

Our Board.

Neil Gruninger

President & CEO, APMC

James (Jim) Lites

Chairman of NHL's Dallas Stars

Doug Nyhoff

Private Investor & PE Executive

Jon Spencer

Managing Director at TriWest Capital Partners

Ryan Langston

President N5B Capital

Our Advisors.

Joseph DePinto

President & CEO, 7-11, Inc.

Thomas Greco

(Former) President & CEO of Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
(Former) CEO, Frito-Lay

Brad Alberts

President & CEO, Dallas Stars

Lee Bird

CEO, At Home Group
Board of Directors, The Larry H. Miller Company